Big Family-laughing-together-Longport-NewJersey
September 29, 2017

Extended Family Photographer | Jersey Shore | Vogel Tribe

Vogel Legacy

Eery great mother provides a legacy of a loving, *joyful*, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and open heart. A heart that will live on from generation to generation.

Yet, the *greatest* of mothers will provide a legacy that will live on through all who crosses her path. *This mother* (of 10!!!), the lovely lady in the center-wearing the jean jacket-… is one of those “greatest of mothers”. Of that I am sure. I am sure because it is my own legacy she has played a hand in molding. Terry Vogel​ Thank you for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous family, and (most of all) thank you for showing me your beautiful mama heart, through these past 26 years ❤️I am forever grateful.❤️

Big Family-laughing-together-Longport-NewJerseyNew Jersey- Photography- Big Family- Beautiful people- Blue Outfits- Beach- Longport

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