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October 11, 2017

Family Photographer | South Jersey | Schlemo & Bird Tribe

Bird&Schlemo Legacy

Dear friends,
You are definitely going to want to grab your favorite fuzzy blanket, a nice big bowl of popcorn and a glass of strawberry wine to read this one.
You see, this story is such a beautiful one, and I am so beyond excited to have the honor to be the photographer to tell it.
I have known these two kind, gorgeous, and smart *twin* mamas for a very long time. These incredible mamas encompass such an enormous amount of spiritual strength. So much, that one of them (along with her Hubby and 4 Littles) will soon be embarking on a 2-year-long spiritual adventure in Haiti.
This is one of the last days these mamas and their (combined 7) babes have to share with one another. My one true hope is that these 2 families will have their photos to look back on (through their time apart (and beyond)) and immediately feel a sense of closeness…while also feeling a sense of happy anticipation – for what they have to look forward to, when reunited again. Thank you Amy, thank you Dawn, thank you to the entire Schlemo and Bird crew- for allowing me to photograph your beautiful families. Thank you for allowing me to bottle up your incredible legacies that weave so beautifully and perfectly together. ❤️
“Even when you are miles away, if you love someone more then anything, you can feel them when you close your eyes as if your souls are together as one.” ~Karen Kostyla
twin- sisters- laughing- beach-sunset- cape may- new jersey-beach

sunset- sisters= twins- cousins- beach-higbee- cape may- NJ

sunset- sisters- twins- holding- hands - beach-higbee- cape may- NJ

sunset- mother- son- beach- hug- new jersey- higbee

mother- daughter- beach- higbee- beach- capemay- yellow- dress

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