Girl-Twirling-Castle-DisneyWorld-Cinderella's Castle-Red Pants
February 12, 2018

New Jersey | Family Photographer | 2018 Disney Vacation Memory- Part 1

Chapter 6 Part 2018

Bethany Grace is an Artisan Heirloom Photographer, specializing in your unique and beautiful legacy.  Bethany Grace photographs families, couples, newborns, and births.  If you are interested in Bethany telling your story, please contact her HERE


My party of 5 *lives* for our annual Disney World vacations.  Many evenings, you will find us snuggling together on the couch, and planning our next Disney vacation, as we watch all the new Disney World YouTube videos we can find.   (!!Shout out to our favorite channels:DisUnplugged DFBGuide  Tim and Jenn Tracker  

About a month ago, we returned from our 2018 Disney World Vacation.  This trip was a special one, because it was our first year staying at a Deluxe resort, instead of our usual Moderate Resort (Caribbean Beach Club is our FAVORITE moderate, by the way!).  We rented Vacation Club points through this awesome business: David’s Vacation Rentals.

I’ll admit: when my husband mentioned the idea of renting Vacation Club Points, I thought he was being overzealous and the process of renting points would… A-End up being a ton of paperwork and time…and B-There just had to be some kind of catch…saving as much money, as they promised, seemed too good to be true!

BUT,  the process was quick…it was easy….it was dependable….and it saved us a ton of money without any type of catch!

We booked a room at the Beach Club Villas Resort.

It was a quick walk to Epcot, and a small hike (or boat ride) to HollyWood Studios. We LOVED this resort more than words!

From the sand bottom pools, to the most incredible water slide, to the spacious rooms that comfortably fit our family of 5!

Below is a link to David’s for anyone interested!




Here are some of my favorite Disney World photos from our 2018 Disney World Vacation! I took a ton of videos, too.  You can view them over on my Instagram Highlights labeled “Disney World”!  Click HERE to check those out!


Girl-Twirling-Castle-DisneyWorld-Cinderella's Castle-Red Pants


THE Best Day Ever:

Walt Disney World. It is a time to let go of the 9-5, the cooking, the cleaning, the school work, and all things routine.
It is a time to celebrate, to dance, to laugh, to sing, to be amazed, to be left breathless, to remind ourselves of all things Magic. To wish upon stars…to stroll, hand-in-hand, with your favorite princess…✨to twirl in front of Cinderella’s castle✨….to ride on the back of a banshee….to explore our entire world in a little over a mile walk….to learn about conservation, agriculture, aquaculture, history, and the arts…to try unique and yummy dishes…to be inspired…to just “be” with our favorite people. 🔹🔹🔸🔸🔹🔹🔸🔸🔹🔹🔸🔸
Walt Disney World isn’t “just a vacation” for our family…it is so much more ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Dress: Courtney Courtney


Snow White-Disney World-Holding Hands-Princess-Disney Princess-Red Cape- Side Light


A Day She Will Never Ever Forget:

We spent a Tuesday morning at Magic Kingdom. After dropping our boys off at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Littlest and I skipped together, hand in hand, around Fantasyland. 💫Suddenly, we saw Snow White walking in our direction. I leaned in and whispered to Littlest, “Oh my gosh….Snow White is going to walk right past us!! Let’s wave to her!!” ✨But, Snow White wasn’t walking past us…she was walking TO us …with her hand stretched out to Littlest!!✨ (This is where I almost faint!) She looked at Littlest and sweetly said, “Would you like to walk with me?” 💫
Littlest was speechless…but proceeded to take the beautiful princess by the hand, and strolled by her side. ✨✨✨✨
❤❤The excited smile on my daughter’s face made my heart so incredibly full. Although I didn’t capture that excited smile, it will forever be written on my heart.

Dress: Courtney Courtney


Disney Express-Teenager-Eagles Jacket-Star Wars Hat-Iphone-headphones-bus-purple seats



That Philadelphia Eagles Jacket.💚🖤

Biggest’s great-grandfather handed that jacket down to him. That Eagles jacket kept Biggest warm every day, while in Disney World. I can’t even begin to count how many times people shouted, “GO BIRDS!!” as they passed us, in the parks. …and, without fail, Biggest would proudly shout back, “My great-grandfather gave me this jacket!” ❤The sweetest thing❤





Here Are some Fun iPhone shots to round out this blog post for ya!!



Entrance to The Beach Club


My favorite spot within the Beach Club Villas! So pretty!!!



Instead of matching shirts, I put decals on all of our Magic Bands! So cute, amiright?


Sweet Photo of Biggest and Littlest.  Oh, those long Disney Days!! Lucky girl has the most incredible big brother EVER.



OK, so THIS is my most favorite shot of our entire vacation!! This dress by Courtney Courtney says so much about my daughter’s story!! I love how it says “I’m with Goofy!” This girl puts up with A TON from the three goofy men in her life!! I’ll tell ya!!


The Purple Wall is my favorite wall in Disney!!! Of course, a girls only selfie was necessary!!


Another necessary selfie: Me with the man of my dreams




*Stay Tuned for more Disney World blog posts, containing tips and reviews!

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