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July 19, 2018

Extended Family Photographer | Cape May, New Jersey | Rachel & Sara’s Legacy

Rachel&Sara's Legacy

When Rachel initially sent her family beach session inquiry, she wrote, “We are really looking for only a few posed photos, but mostly organic photos, capturing moments, letting the kids run and play and getting pictures of the small things. We love photos of memories and not of standing still and smiling.”

It was like music to my ears!

I am so grateful to have had the privilege to photograph this beautiful extended family on Higbee Beach, in Cape May, New Jersey.  They reminded me so much of my hubby’s family.

You see, Rachel and Sara are sisters, and they only see one another a couple of times a year.  We, too, only see my husband’s sister a couple of times a year.  We cherish our summer visits with her party of 5, when they come visit the Jersey Shore.  <3


I was so inspired by the way Rachel and Sara stayed so relaxed, allowing their young children to explore the ocean and soak their lovely outfits.  This, my friends, is the epitome of the absolute utmost kindness thing a mother can earnestly do for her children.  I listened to the way these women spoke to and treated their children, and it was beautiful.  It reminded me of a quote from a book I recently read:


“They need us to affirm their intrinsic goodness, regardless of the ugly things they may say or do at times. This is how their natural inborn belief in themselves becomes solidly grounded instead of masked by ego. A sense of our children’s worth flourishes when the way we look at them, the way we listen to them, and the way we speak to them reflect just how lovable they are. This is how we empower them—how we draw out in them their innately powerful sense of self, which is what will carry them successfully through life. Only when we can separate our fantasies concerning who our children should be from who they actually are can we do justice to their original essence and craft our parenting to allow for this essence to flourish.”
Shefali Tsabary, The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting


I am forever thankful to have met these sweet mamas and their wonderful family.  Here are some photos from their session:



mom-daughter-hair-sunset-smile-white dress-black dress-ocean-beach-jersey


beach-rocks-sand-mom-daughter-hands-whitedress ousins-beach-ocean-water-splash-shore-jersey-blue shirt-white dress-smile-happy cousins-beach-run-waves-laughing-cape may-new jersey Cousins-boys-running-beach-waves-sunset-clouds-laughing dad-daughter-happy-smile-beach-ocean-jersey dad-daughter-sunset-beach-ocean-sand-smile-white dress dad-son-waves-beach-black shirt-hug-embrace-beach-jersey ExtendedFamily-CryingBaby-Mom-Dad-Ocean-Waves-Beach-Boohoo family-beach-sunset-blue shirt-sand-ocean-jersey  girl-hair-sunset-white dress-water-waves-sand-beach-clouds girl-ocean-smile-sunset-beach-jersey-water-swim grandfather-granddaughter-baby-beach-sunset-ocean-blue shirt-plaid pants grandfather-hand-baby-mama-ocean-beach-sunset-glow-serenity-family-daughter grandfather-tealshirt-blouds-greengrass-grandson-shoes mom-baby-point-sunset-kids-water-ocean-sand-waves-cousins-aunt mom-dad-baby-beach-happy-love-jeans-romper-greenshirt rock-butt-white-blue-shirt-plaid-hands-explore-beach-sand-rocks


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