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January 16, 2019

Homeschooling with Disney World

Homeschooling in Disney World Part 2019
Gallery-Disney World- Tree of life-Animal Kingdom- Orlando- Florida- Disney Vacation- Family- Kids

Our trips to Disney World have proven to be my FAVORITE learning tool for my children. Since pulling my Biggest (16 years old) and Middle Man (11 years old) from public schools, I have focussed 110% of my energy on showing my boys (and their Little sister (Littlest) who is fortunate enough to never flow through the public school system) how exciting and wonderful learning can truly be!

Our annual Disney World vacations have given my family a wonderful opportunity in learning, being inspired, cherishing creativity, and discovering so many new things. In the days leading up to our vacation, we learn about all of the things that Disney World will strive to teach (and indirectly teach) our family:

Celebrating Diversity, Zoology, STEM, American and World History, Geography, Oceanography, The 5 Senses, Technology, Money budgeting, How to efficiently plan a vacation, Literature, Agriculture, Engineering, Emotional awareness/health, Map Skills, and so much more!!

Let’s chat about some of these learning advantages…and where/how they are learned:

Celebrating Diversity

This is my absolute, hands-down, ultimate favorite. Embracing and celebrating diversity is one of the ultimate lessons I want to teach my children. I ultimately strive to raise my trio to have a deep capacity for inclusion. I am so thankful for Disney… it is such a grand tool in teaching this. From classic Disney Movies, to the interesting and diverse cast members, to the attractions, to the music, to the food. …My children see that size, color, culture, religion, life choices, disabilities/strengths, likes/dislikes …have no greater or lesser value. For this…I am an exuberantly proud mama!

NOTE: Along with Disney, my favorite curriculum helps teach all 3 of my children this important value: Torchlight Curriculum  

(Please note: I am not an affiliate with Torchlight, I just adore this curriculum)


We learn about so many animals in Animal Kingdom!! The list is endless! This is a wonderful place to learn about zoology and oceanography! The cast members are so willing and excited to answer every question we think of! Click HERE to see what species you will discover in Animal Kingdom.


From Pandora in Animal Kingdom, to the SpectacuLAB (and just about everything else) in Epcot…There are a ton of STEM learning opportunities!!!

American and World History & Geography

American History can be found in Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Everything in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland and Liberty Square are amazing learning opportunities, on this subject. One lesson, in particular, that sticks out, is the pathway in Frontierland:  IN COLONIAL AMERICA, THERE WERE NO SEWER SYSTEMS.  PEOPLE WOULD EMPTY THEIR CHAMBER POTS OUT THE WINDOW IN THE MORNING .  THE URINE AND FECES WOULD RUN DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.  THE STREETS WOULD HAVE CLAY OR BRICK ON THE SIDES BUT BE BROWN IN THE MIDDLE.  You can learn about this and other American History lessons: HERE

World History and Geography can be learned all through The World Showcase in Disney World’s Epcot. Along with our Worldly Wisdom Torchlight Curriculum, we focus most on this subject, before we head to Disney World. The World Showcase is SUPER neat. It is a walking tour of 11 countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Canada.

The cast members, working in each country’s pavilion, are actually from said country! They are always willing to share their stories and fun facts.


Epcot’s The Seas holds one of the world’s largest saltwater aquarium tanks. Here, you can learn all about sea life, and check out the educational artifacts, attractions and games… the Finding Nemo theming is lots of fun!

The 5 Senses

This is a fun one. Why? Because one of my favorite animated characters is in charge of teaching this one! His name is Figment. He is an adorable, mischievous, purple dragon, who teaches little ones all about the 5 senses, throughout his Epcot ride attraction: Journey into Imagination with Figment.


This and Environment is touched heavily upon, in the Land Pavilion. There is even a tour called “Behind the Seeds Tour” that dives deeper into this topic. I have not done this tour, but you can bet it is on my bucket list!!

Budgeting and How to Efficiently Plan a Vacation

While my husband and I include our children in all of the aspects of vacation planning, I also use a great resource to help them understand the depth of what is involved with Vacation Planning. Here are link to my favorite resources for my older two:

For Biggest (16) and Middle Man (11) : CLICK HERE

Extra Sneaky Math Work For Middle Man (age 11): CLICK HERE

When it comes to budgeting, my children also learn through using their money for souvenirs. Our extended family is always generous with gifting our children Disney Gift Cards during the Holiday season. These gift cards give our children a great opportunity to focus on budgeting and money management.

There are so many learning opportunities in Disney World.

I am forever grateful for our annual visits, and all my children learn through their time in Disney World.

I am also thankful for David’s Vacation Club Rentals…for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate Disney World Vacation, at a much lower price. I am a proud affiliate of David’s and hope you will look into using David’s too, for your own vacations. By clicking my affiliate link below, you can help me fund my own family vacations. I appreciate the support!!

Keep a lookout for my next journal entry, which will be all about David’s Vacation Club Rentals, and why we love using their company!

If you questions concerning my Homeschool plans, or David’s…please do not hesitate to contact me, I am always an open book: Hello@bethanygracephotos.com

Click HERE to see my journal entry about our 2018 Disney World memories

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