Hello! My name is Bethany, I am married to my high schoolsweetheart, and we have 3 Littles: Joshua (15) Jack (10) and Lily (5).


                            I have lived in New Jersey most of my life, and my favorite things about my state are…The Pizza, Jersey tomatoes,   watching the seasons change, the ability to explore an abundance of terrain options (from beaches, to cities, to Pineland hiking trails), the people, and… did I mention the pizza?


                              I am an overly patient, “stop and smell the roses” ,hippie-hearted, starry-eyed dreamer.    Aside from surrounding myself with my family, I also adore:  writing, camping, hiking, dog training, AE artist flare jeans,board games, laughing, fuzzy socks, anything made from alpaca wool, Disney, black coffee, and the scent of lilacs and lilies.

Of course, I also adore photography. There is so much beauty within every moment and everything surrounding us… and I am so passionate about capturing all of it.


Rainbow - Boy - Girl- Beach- Jersey - Water